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ADVANTAGEs of refurbishing

Recycling isn’t the Answer, it’s the Last Resort

More than 50% of companies around the globe scrap completely functional computers, mobile phones and other IT equipment upon replacing them. These products could be reused and benefit others for years to come and doing this prematurely is completely against the code of keeping our world a better, greener place.

In order to help protect our climate, many businesses have started to convert from the current linear economy to a circular economy. This means taking advantage of materials, products and resources for as long as possible. The reason behind this is trying to keep the rising amount of e-waste at a manageable level and preferably eliminate waste from happening at all.

As such, reuse and refurbishment play a central role in keeping our world and our economy as future proof as possible. This is especially true in the case of IT and electronics because of a fast rate of technological advancement and the amount of resource it takes.


How can Refurbished be Better than New?

We strongly believe in quality and longevity of refurbished products and want to share this fact with as many people as possible! The products we offer are thoroughly tested and profesionally refurbished, with the goal of keeping both us and the customer happy and providing them with a quality product.

Up to 70% cheeper

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have a great product! One of the greatest benefits of buying refurbished is buying at a bargain.

Great performance

While refurbished products are often only a generation or two behind the latest tech, they will offer comparable performance.

Minimal visible difference

While refurbished products can contain traces of use, this almost never consists of more than the smallest of scratches.

Nature will thank you

Reusing hardware leads to diminished production of new units and can save a huge amount of carbon, water and materials.

Extensive warranty

Every single piece of our equipment comes with at least 12 months of warranty with extended options available.

No questions asked return policy

Are you worried you won’t like a product after buying it? Don’t worry, we know that feeling. You can return a product at any time during the first 14 days.

How does it work?

We buy off functioning IT equipment in the process of replacement from various companies around the globe, but mostly United Kingdom and Ireland. We wipe all data, replace or upgrade any necessary parts, profesionally refurbish it and then offer it to companies and individuals as high quality certified refurbished equipment.

Our stock consists of top quality business laptops, desktops, workstations, monitors and smart devices, which are sold to hundreds of businesses around the globe, providing them with a great product at a fraction of the price they would pay for the same new hardware.


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