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refurbishment and IT remarketing

Keeping up with advances in technology can be tough. However, once you upgrade your IT equipment, you’re faced with another problem – what to do with all the “outdated” hardware? Throwing it away may seem to be the easiest option, however it may also be illegal, can harm the environment and may also be a great opportunity to join the circular economy.

If done in the right way, IT remarketing can be an invaluable component of your IT asset disposition (ITAD) strategy. But rather than interfering with your general business strategy and putting the regular company activities on hold, it is far more efficient and cost effective to sell or donate all this equipment to a trusted buyer. This is where we come in – a company with years of electronics refurbishing experience and an established network of existing and potential clients.

RECOSI utilizes a variant of domestic and global channels to ensure a new home for all your IT assets. We are able to refurbish and remarked used electronic devices in all stages of life.

Our refurbishment process

Visual inspection and initial testing

Dusting and cleaning

Replacing parts and upgrading

Stress testing and final cleaning

Packaging and delivery

Benefits of IT Asset Remarketing

Why should you join the movement of asset remarketing? Well, there are quite a lot of perks.

1. Freeing up space and lowering logistics costs

Getting rid of old IT assets upon replacing them with new ones is not the easiest thing to do. Keeping tab of the entire process can be hard and things can easily get lost or misplaced. With an efficient ITAD program, it is easier to track the inventory and ensure that every single asset is accounted for.

Computer tech that is perfectly functional but no longer needed is often dumped in storage, taking up precious space and losing in value over time. It is often the final step in a decommissioning process and remarketing can be a great way to decrease your footprint and save up on storage costs.

Efficient IT asset disposition helps to ensure that the process is accomplished in a fast and reliable manner, helping reduce the logistics costs. With an ITAD program in place, the whole process involved in gathering, storing, maintaining or duping obsolete IT assets is removed from your hands, further helping to eliminate unnecessary costs. 

2. Being a part of a circular economy

Electronic waste crisis is a reality. As more IT equipment gets produced, more is also discarded, increasing the already troublesome amount of e-waste. When a company fails to use an efficient and ecological method of disposition, this problem is further escalated. So opting to use an efficient IT asset disposition can effectively help to tackle the crisis.

The importance of efficient IT asset disposition cannot be overemphasised. The benefits are numerous and we can only highlight a few of them.

The circular economy is the best way of reducing the ecological footprint. When another company or an individual buys a piece of refurbished equipment, that’s tech that won’t have to be made anew using energy and raw materials.

3. Recouping the value

No longer is IT asset disposal the only expense factor upon replacing said assets. With an efficient ITAD program, you can even recoup some of the value of the IT infrastructure you are replacing. At the secondary refurbishment market, the main factor in circular economy, your old computers and other IT equipment can still hold some value and will fetch some revenue that will help recoup a part of the initial price.

But it does not even stop there. Having a lesser amount of equipment, especially no longer needed outdated equipment, on your hands will save you and your IT department untold hours of maintenance and troubleshooting. If you do not dispose of it efficiently, it will gather dust in a dark corner, so there is really no reason for not allowing it to have a new life. Not only will it help someone afford IT equipment they might otherwise not be able to get, it will help reduce long term costs in an ecological manner. 

4. Helping ensure data security

Old data that isn’t handled properly can often present a potentially huge security risk. Through access-controlled and guarded processing facilities, IT assets must protected prior to hard drive destruction. Upon remarketing all data is securely handled to ensure the safety and reliability of all the sensitive information that might present a risk.

With a vendor’s controlled facilities, all retired and non-working IT assets are securely managed to ensure safety and quality standards are met. Potential owner of the computer you once possessed will have absolutely no insight of any information of the previous owner of the IT asset and all the data will be wiped and hard drive replaced. 


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