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RECOSI – A Social franchise

What is Social Franchising?

A social franchise isn’t set up to maximise profits, but in order of enabling people to share ideas, work together, create and build. The founder is driven by a social goal, such as the employment of disadvantaged people, the creation of a fair and equal society or environmental concerns. As such the social franchise has an important social purpose and is often owned by its social franchise members, but, even more importantly, has to be profitable. Without these profits it could not survive, grow and meet its social aims.

At RECOSI we have developed a robust social franchise model, supported with a software system to promote and support your enterprise at a global scale.

RECOSI has achieved the currently most appropriate standard for reuse – PAS 141:2011 and is professionalizing reuse activities by developing training packages, including innovative approaches to reliability analysis of used electronics.

RECOSI is employing process innovation, providing a business model for rapid replication across Europe in order to unlock the potential for waste reduction, job creation and access to low cost IT equipment that reuse offers. Unlike for‐profit businesses which operate primarily to deliver (or distribute) economic value to shareholders, RECOSI distributes the value it creates within the local environment.

Since the establishment in 2014, we have helped provide work and integrate in excess of 100 disadvantaged people, which consist primarily of young jobless adults and seniors of ages 50 and above.

Why take up Recosi’s social franchise model?

– Business support for IT reuse centres
– Technical support for setting up and durig operation
– Comprehensive professional training programmes
– Remarketing support
– RECOSI software system, specialised software for IT reuse      and WEEE recycling

Step 1 : Preparation

Developing operating and reliability standards, training resources.

Step 2 : Piloting

Training and establishment of reuse centres, service co-design trough mutual learning.

Step 3 : Demonstration

Operation of reuse centres, marketing and communication program, quantitative evaluation. 

Step 4 : Replication

Sustainable business model for reuse centre with expanding impact.


RECOSI Ireland

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RECOSI Slovenia

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