Windows 7 support ends on 14.1.2020

Microsoft went through on their promise about ending the support for their operating system Windows 7 10 years after release. With the official release of 22. october 2009 this time is soon coming to an end and the same also goes for the official Windows 7 support from Microsoft. They plan on lifting their hand away from this highly popular OS on 14. january 2020 so they “can focus on supporting new technologies and provide great new experiences”. After this date technical support and security updates from Windows Update will no longer be avaliable for the users of Windows 7. Microsoft recommends that all users upgrade to Windows 10 before this date and avoid any situations in the future that might require official support, which will no longer be avaliable.

What does the end of support mean for all users of Windows 7?

If you keep on using Windows 7 after 14. january 2020, you will no longer be able to benefit from all safety updates. Alongside this, Microsoft support will no longer be avaliable for all users of this operating system.

What can you do?

Microsoft recommends that everybody upgrades their OS to Windows 10.