Equipment Collection

RECOSI’s nationwide logistics services provides unmatched traceability down to asset level and begins at the cusomters site. Once there, we can scan and collect only those serial numbers specified if required and manage each asset through the process on an individual basis.

System and management process – ARW system

RECOSI’s ARW system manages your entire inventory.

At RECOSI, we have worked with industry experts to develop this specialised software for the Asset Recovery & Recycling industry across Europe and USA.

Data Protection

RECOSI provides to its customers with a set of policies, processes and systems to manage the risk to their data containing assets.
ISM (Information Security Management) is a major legal concern for all companies and it should be the first consideration in the process of IT asset disposal/resale.
RECOSI, with its large worldwide footprint can offer multinationals a single solution with local support for security management such as:
• Eradicating data
• Maintaining a high level of site security and secure processing of protectively marked equipment
• Physically destroying data bearing equipment
• Providing certificates of data destruction
• Providing on-site data eradication services

Asset Recovery Service (ARS)

RECOSI’s Asset Recovery Services are focused extending the life cycle, generating value from used IT equipment for our clients and creating an environmentally sustainable disposal solution for anything unsuitable for reuse. As companies tend to upgrade IT and hardware peripherals on average of every 3 years, RECOSI can help to reduce the cost of this upgrade by offering value return through a large network of secure trade and end user outlets.
RECOSI can also offer socially responsible solutions and manage the donation of equipment to educational and charitable bodies of their choice in a secure and transparent manner.

Remarketing of Equipment

The equipment we remarket includes computers, laptops, servers, tablets, networking equipment, TFT screens and communications systems.