Welcome to RECOSI

RECOSI (Regional and European Co-Operative for Social Industry) based in Ireland is a not for profit organisation. It was formed in early 2014 by a group of like-minded individuals, who want to help to develop social enterprises, which operate mainly in the area of reuse of IT equipment and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Our main objective is to develop the commercial activity of social enterprises in a meaningful and profitable way by combining the resources and expertise of both the social enterprises and commercial sector.

Our aim is to create a commercially unified model between social enterprises and commercial bodies in the IT reuse and WEEE market, which is directly delivering social value, commercial revenue and environmental protection. RECOSI’s aim is also to establish an informal compliance scheme for social enterprises (reuse centers operating in area of reuse of IT and WEEE) working together in partnership with existing compliance scheme.

Our locations: Ireland (Head Office), UK, USA, Europe


To provide a fully integrated solution for social enterprises, which are working in the area of the recovery and reuse of electrical and electronic equipment, this maximises returns to all stakeholders by providing a framework of expertise, training and operational excellence.


A vision of social enterprises working together in unity to create real jobs for the marginalised people in society.




Our goal is to develop a large operational footprint among social enterprises around the world, which are providing job opportunities for disadvantaged/disabled people. We want to develop their commercial departments in order to create more income and replace grants and donations.

With our unique single model we want to:

  • Offer professional training in order to help professionalise social enterprises working or wish to work in the reuse industry.
  • Help social enterprises to develop an asset recovery process for the reuse of IT equipment and increase the reuse and reduction of WEEE.
  • Help social enterprises to develop a market for reused IT equipment and other WEEE scrap material and create more job opportunities in the Social Economy.
  • Achieve more sustainable development for social enterprises which are operating in the field of reuse of IT and WEEE.


Data Security

RECOSI provides to its customers a coherent set of policies, processes and systems to manage risks to their information assets.


Resale of it Stock

RECOSI’s Asset Recovery Services are focussed on generating value from used IT equipment for our clients and creating an environmentally sustainable disposal solution for anything unsuitable for reuse.


Recosi ARW system

At Recosi, we’ve been working with industry experts to develop specialised software for the WEEE recycling industry across world.


RECOSI Pay IT Forward with St. Joseph's National School

As part of our Pay IT Forward program RECOSI donates equipment to worthy causes. We were delighted to recently work with St. Joseph's NS in Tullamore and provided them with computer equipment for their classrooms.

"We are thrilled to receive your donation of PCs to St Joseph's. They arrived safely and are now installed in classrooms to the delight of our second class pupils.

Our pupils will enjoy using the computers in many different ways to enhance their learning activities and are already planning all sorts of projects. We are all very grateful to the team at RECOSI and are delighted to be involved with the Pay it Forward scheme."

Many many thanks to all,
Linda, St. Joseph's NS

If you or your organisation are interested in supporting this very worthy initiative please contact anthony.odea@recosi.net

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Clane Men’s Shed & RECOSI – Pay IT Forward, Ireland

The Men’s Sheds are a great idea and we were delighted to be able to support the Clane Men’s Shed with some computer equipment. Hopefully the guys will be able to put it to good use and again, it is great to support such a worthy cause. For information on the Men’s Sheds go to http://menssheds.ie/ and for information on our Pay IT Forward scheme contact anthony.odea@recosi.net.

“Men don’t talk face to face; they talk shoulder to shoulder” Professor Barry Golding, Patron of the Australian Men’s Sheds Association

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